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LEA’S Bling is a special private formula that was made specifically for individuals to help clean & protect jewelry, sunglasses, & leather goods such as: handbags, jackets, & shoes. It is nano technology and seals at the molecular level while being environmentally friendly & a green product. Its portable use is convenient to keep in your handbag and for on the go!

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Sunglasses: Cleans all your sunglasses & reading glasses giving you more clarity and better clearer vision. It’s perfect to keep in your handbag for convenience!

Jewelry: Cleans all your treasured gems & metals. Just a few sprays and a wipe with a microfiber cloth does the job with “space-age” clean. No more shaking jewels loose in a machine. No more using cups of cleaning solution. Watch as your jewelry just shines & sparkles away!

Leather Cleaner: Cleans, Conditions, and Protects handbags, jackets, shoes, and other specialty leather goods as well!

*Case purchasing is available for stores & vendors as well*

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